Zachary Staines

From: Brisbane, QLD
Age: 21

Zachary Staines is a Brisbane based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has a pop/dance sound inspired by his idols The Chainsmokers and Calvin Harris. He started making vlogs and music videos for other artists and influencers before focusing on his own musical pursuits. His first video went viral on Facebook overnight and he immediately quit his job and decided to focus on music full time. Appearing on The ShareSpace will be the first time he has gone public with music and he’s excited to develop his talents and production knowledge. Zachary is keen to explore ways to get positive messages out there, including helping youth with depression.

Coffee or Tea? I’m definitely a coffee person

Who is your idol? Jon Bellion and The Chainsmokers

Describe yourself in 3 words – Tall, blind and awkward

Who would you trade lives with? Lady Gaga… wait, Calvin Harris because man that guy is a good DJ

What’s your favourite emoji? The emoji blowing its nose cause we can all relate to that 🤧

Favourite song of all time? ‘The Sound’ by the 1975

Favourite genre of music? Funk, funk is where it’s at

Instrument you want to play? I wish I could play a cathedral organ

Your dream celeb collaboration? It would have to be with Jon Bellion

Favourite album of all time? Coloring Book – Chance the Rapper

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